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Powered by Higher Education Assist, Map it is a career & college readiness initiative for students and parents. The ultimate goal is to prepare students & parents for the future!

Ways to Fund an Education

Higher Education Assist & Sallie Mae have partnered to bring you a platform of available grants, scholarships, and loan options. Explore Now

Coffee Talk 
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Career Field Trips & College Tours Exclusive

Higher Education Assist's career field trips and college tours allow students & parents to capture the experience and learn! These initiatives are turnkey, Higher Education Assist takes care of everything! 


Career Field Trips

Tour of organizations such as sports, law enforcement, information technology, education, travel/tourism/hospitality, healthcare, nonprofit and more! Learn the culture and  enjoy a panel/Q&A

College Tours

Tour of Colleges, Technical/Trade Schools. 

Structured Agenda.

Speaker Panel & Q/A. 



Higher Education Assist supplements initiatives with a workbook that details and tracks career and education progress. It includes a college magazine and financial/tuition worksheets to manage a budget.


Hot jobs and not

Industry job growth projections

Salary trends


Job Shadow


Recommendation letters

Interviewing Best Practices

College Magazine


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Hello, I am Dr Thomas Maguire, Founder of Higher Education Assist. I created this platform because Iam passionate about helping young adults pursue a career and or obtain the right education to compliment career objectives. My staff and I have been serving young adults since 2015! My professional experiences: College professor, college recruiter, career counselor, entrepreneur. I have an Associates, Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate degree.



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