Everyone has an untapped potential
Target Audience: High Schools - Community Organizations - Military

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Hello, I am Dr. Thomas Maguire, founder of Higher Education Assist. My platform is dedicated to providing career and education information for students, parents, community organization and military. Everyone has an untapped so potential lets start exploring.


Mentorship Program

A comprehensive three part program. (1) Career Exploration, (2) Education Exploration (3) Strategic Roadmap.


College & Career Magazine/Workbook

Chuck full of resources, Higher Education Assist showcases both education institutions & career services with a built workbook to assist in planning for the future.


Financing an Education

Financing an education can be a daunting and stressful task, our partner Sallie Mae is here with many great resources, Click here.


The Experience: Job Shadowing & College Campus Tours

What better way for an individual to know what they want to do in life then experience it? Higher Education Assist connects with subject matter experts (virtually and or in person) in dedicated careers to showcase an industry as well schedule college campus tours.

Casual Business Meeting

College & Career Readiness Seminar- “Find My Path”

The seminar is for parents and students who are interested in preparing for the future both in education and career. Live online seminars typically last one hour and are  complete with subject matter experts.


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