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Everyone has untapped potential

The information presented valuable info, data, fact and figures. The purpose is to assist students and parents/guardians in making educated college and career decisions. The workshop comes with a downloadable 100+ page college and career planning guide portfolio that includes exercises, assessments, facts, figures, articles and promotion on a variety of topics. There is no solicitation. Student and parent/guardian are expected to collaborate on the information presented in both the seminar and portfolio. Participants receive a certificate of completion. Dr. Thomas Maguire believes that everyone has an "untapped potential". We partner with school districts, military and community organization as well as private groups.

Seminar and portfolio topics

The seminar consists of 6-8 topics followed by a Q/A session and is facilitated by a dedicated subject matter expert. Topics covered within the seminar and portfolio are: The benefits in obtaining a college degree, facts, figures, statistics, benefits in obtaining a technical, trade degree or certification, facts, figures, statistics, pros/cons online learning, financing an education: strategies (exploring free money, scholarships, loans), including projected financial return on investment, resume, letters of recommendation and cover letter, career & education planning strategies, hot and not so hot careers, industry trends, career assessments, job shadow, mentorship, interviewing strategies, networking.  Upon completion, participants will have presenter contact information to follow post seminar, an awesome resource! 

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