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Welcome! I am Dr. Thomas Maguire, Founder of Higher Education Assist, a college & career readiness organization, complete with a variety of college and career readiness segments. I encourage students & parents to explore all the great initiatives below.  

Segments Included: College & Career Readiness Guide, Financing an Education, College Student Perspectives, Select College Profiles, Zoom/YouTube Sessions, College & Career Readiness Certification, Mentorship Program, Career by Industry.

College & Career Readiness Guide

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Should I go to college?

What type of education is best for me, college?

When should I start applying to a school?

What if I don't know what to major in?

What should I study or major in?

How do I pay for college?

Should I research schools close to home or in other states?

What I don't want I want to do as a career?

What careers fit my desired income?

Financing an Education

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College Student 


Select College


Schools interested in participating email Dr. Thomas Maguire

College & Career 

Zoom/YouTube Sessions
Live college & career topics facilitated by subject matter experts. Stay connected with texts/email updates: 
9/15/21: Topic TBA
10/13/21: Topic TBA
11/18/21: Topic TBA
12/15/21: Topic TBA

College & Career 

Readiness Certification
The College & Career Readiness Certification is powered by Higher Education Assist. It is a series of detailed modules and worksheets for both student and parent/guardian to complete. Each module contains information that will impact immediate and future decisions. Accountability and communication is key for both student and parent/guardian. Each module is supported with an video introduction. Upon completion, Higher Education Assist will review, provide comments and issue a certification.  Cost $150.  For more information contact Dr. Thomas Maguire,
Goals and interest: Find My Path
College Exploration
Best Practices in Financing an Education

Mentor Program

Individual or Group
Dr. Thomas Maguire believes that everyone has an uptapped potential and hosts virtual mentorship sessions for individuals and groups interested in career and education guidance, assistance, direction or other. Cost $95/individual, $250 for a group of three. All sessions are one hour. Participants are expected to engage and collaborate. For more information contact Dr. Thomas Maguire,


By Industry



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