INTRODUCTION: Thank you for interest to provide a dedicated scholarship for high school juniors and seniors, powered by Higher Education Assist. A scholarship can be awarded from either an individual or organization in a wide variety of monetary increments as reflected. The mission of Higher Education Assist’s scholarship program is to award juniors and seniors who explore and complete an exploratory career and education tour initiative as outlined. Note: A scholarship provider can choose the industry of distribution. 


THE PROCESS & ELIGIBILTY: Scholarship eligibility is based on participants exploring a series of career and college tours and completing a one page individual assessment of their findings and goals. Scholarship providers will review and select recipient(s).


TIMELINE: High Education Assist requires all participants to submit their entries/assessments by April 15th. Higher Education Assist will forward assessments to scholarship provider to review and elect a recipient to award, there will be a two week review period once confirmed distribution can be made. Incomplete or past due submission of assessment will be automatically disqualification for consideration.


COMMITMENT: Higher Education Assist in conjunction with its partners are commitment to award scholarship to assist young adult in pursuit of a career, and education. Everyone has an untapped potential.


COMMUNICATION: Program updates with new college and career listings as well as promotions will be sent to participants throughout.

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