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Career Field Trips & College Tours

Wow, a great opportunity to experience careers in real time!

Career Field Trips

Everyone has an untapped potential

Higher Education Assist hosts diverse career based field trips for school districts and community organizations through the year. A dedicated, behind the scenes tour of venue followed by panel of subject matter experts (with Q/A) provides a great professional development learning experience. A take home career and education assessment is provided for each participant. There are event giveaways for audience/attendee participation! Take a look at our cool venues.​

  • Sports and Entertainment, Healthcare, Law Enforcement, Transportation, Construction, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Retail, Marine, Automotive, Tourism/Hospitality/Travel, military and more!




College Tours

Colleges, Universities, Technical & Trade

Higher Education hits the road running by visiting a wide variety of education institutions, sometimes we tour 3 schools in one day. We explore what programs, amenities and services schools offer!



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