Mentor Mondays

Stream live on Facebook & YouTube

"Mentor Mondays" are professional development sessions streamed live on Facebook, YouTube & Zoom. Higher Education Assist along with subject matter experts collaborate on a wide variety of career and education topics, in addition we invite individuals as guest speakers to share  experiences as it relates to a dedicated topic.


- Parent/child experiences in transitioning from high school to     

​   college.

- Best Practices for financing an education, free money, grants,

​   scholarships & loans.

- Job search: Making best use of time.

- In Pursuit of a technical/trade certification.

- Benefits of using Linkedin to network.

- College students advise based on their experiences.

- Best practices when developing/executing a resume.

- Industry specific overview, expectations, job security, income.

- Goal setting.

- Best practices interviewing techniques.

Let us know how we can help including if you would like to be a panel member for one of our discussions, guest speaker or other.